where to buy onitsuka tiger shoes The site of the Sneaker and Onitsuka TigeriD propose you to win the rand new Air Huarache Run iD! following our instagram account and shared the contest photo. r To create your Onitsuka Tiger Air Huarache, go to the Onitsuka TigeriD wesite. Once your model is finalized, share it on instagram via a screenshot or y using the make a poster option. r The 10 est colors will e chosen y us efore the final draw which Will take place on Friday, Feruary 6 at 6 pm and will designate the 2 winners. See the full rules r The contest is open until Feruary 6, 2015 to any adult in Europe. However, if your instagram account is in private, use the Instagram Direct option to send your photo. Only one design per participant will e taken into account for the draw, ut it is possile To sumit up to 5 designs to increase their chances of appearing in the 10 finalists. The participant must follow the account instagram the site of the sneaker so that its participation is taken into account. The draw will take place on Feruary 6, 2015 at 6 pm The random.org site will e used to select the 2 random winners.